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Tip of the Day: Save your Brass

It amazes me how many people leave their brass on the range. That shiny stuff is money, and I see guys leave huge piles of it on the range. Really. Unbelievable, I know.

I'm not a brass-picking nut job; I pick up what is easily accessible and don't much care if a few pieces get lost. My local range collects unwanted brass and resells it to support the range, so grabbing up other range brass would be less than appropriate. So I'm not the brass fanatic that some of the guys I've shot with are. You know them - maybe you are one. The brass hounds who search the entire range for every last piece of brass they could conceivably ever reload.

Even if you don't reload and don't plan to get into it, spent brass has plenty of value. Check out a few of the major forums and you'll see people hawking their spent brass in lots. As an example, $35-$50/1000 pieces of 9mm is pretty common. That's 3.5 to 5 cents per piece of 9mm brass. It goes upwards from there. If you're never going to reload it, just save up your brass each range trip and sell if off on the Internets when you've accumulated a decent sized lot.