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Photos from the Tuscaloosa Tornado Aftermath

My good friends in Tuscaloosa have sent through some pictures of the devastation and destruction the storm left in its wake. Thousands are still without power, hundreds still missing.

Their neighborhood was hit hard by the storm and their house wrecked. They are in the midst of cleaning up and trying to pick what they can salvage from the ruins. Here is a picture of the neighborhood in normal times:

And post-storm:

View of their neighborhood from across the street.

Here is their house; totally trashed. It was a rental and they luckily
had insurance. You can see the pile of salvaged belongings in
front of their home.

View of the side of their house and some of the devastation beyond.
Our friends were remarkably blessed to make it through the storm unscathed, and they have been able to save a large amount of stuff. They're awesome people and pushing through it as best they can, with lots of support from family, friends and the extended community. An army of volunteer workers have descended on Tuscaloosa in answer to numerous payers.

Our friends have been kind enough to share some of their experience and learnings from the ordeal. Stay tuned for those later today.