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EDC Bag Dump

Thought it was about time for a bag dump and reveal of the contents of my personal EDC bag. This is fairly representative of the usual contents, though I'm in between flashlights at the moment and missed the travel pack of kleenex that I usually have. The contents are designed to supplement my on person EDC, handle every day occurrences, travelling and basic get home purposes. Nothing too crazy here.

Contents (from top left)
  • Mesh bag - from the dollar store, useful for holding dirty clothes or whatever when travelling. Weighs nothing and doesn't take up much space.
  • Dopp kit - The pouch came with a larger REI kit. Contains a small mirror, travel sized tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, tweezers, razor, floss, hair gel, Tide stain pen and some travel-sized packets of Tide powder.
  • Paracord
  • Cotton bandanna
  • Charging kit - AA, AAAs and CR123As, wall and car charger for my iPhone, various cables, spare pair of reading glasses and a Tekkeon Tekcharge.
  • First Aid Kit - See here for more details. The LokSak didn't hold up well to every day carrying, had trouble staying closed, etc. It's been replaced with a freezer ZipLoc. The FAK has been updated as well...have added some nitrile gloves and a z-pack gauze dressing.
  • Mechanix Gloves
  • Small container with Tums
  • $40 cash and about $4 worth of quarters
  • Stubby iPhone cable - similar to this one. Don't need a 6 foot cable for syncing with my laptop.
  • Headphone case - Using crappy $30 Sony ear buds at the moment, looking for an upgrade.
  • Camelbak Stainless Better Bottle - Great bottle, "sippy" top hasn't proved to be the most durable. I'm on my third top. The stainless bottle part is holding up great.
  • Microfiber cloth - for cleaning screens and glasses
  • Oakley Sunglasses case - Contain a pair of Oakley straight jackets and another microfiber cloth
  • Lens/screen cleaner
  • Card wrapped in Gorilla Tape
  • Bic Lighter
  • Snacks/food - Usually try to have around 1000 to 1500 calories worth of snacks.
  • Altoids tin - With mints! I actually like the mints, and bad breath is a crime.
  • Leatherman Charge - Great multi-tool. Can't say enough good things. Also have a mini-Sharpie in the case.
  • Carmex
  • Small case with earplugs
  • 8GB Sandisk USB drive
  • Various pens, pencils and a stainless Sharpie
  • Crappy calculator
  • Black Pearl eraser
  • Not pictured - Laptop, charger, mini-mouse and spork
Clothes, books, etc. added when needed. My bag is still the Camelbak Urban Assault, which continued to be awesome. There's space for about one day worth of clothes, maybe two, and that's a tight fit.

Most of these items get used on a regular, if not daily basis. The FAK, lighter, mesh bag, some of the charging kit, work gloves, gorilla tape and bandanna get used less often, but still see fairly frequent use. The paracord is honestly the only thing that never gets used, but I'm hesitant to drop it and it doesn't weigh much.

After I figure out what I want to do r.e. flashlights, I will rework the charging kit a bit. With the TekCharge, a bunch of AAs, AAAs and CR123As, it's heavier than it needs to be. I may just add my Petzl headlamp, in which case I may drop the TekCharge entirely.

Also adding a backup water container in case I forget/lose the Camelbak better bottle. Maybe a Camelbak bladder; right now, it's a 1L Platypus bottle.