> TEOTWAWKI Blog: DIY Sheath for BFE Labs UltraLight Kit Knife



DIY Sheath for BFE Labs UltraLight Kit Knife

The BFE Labs UltraLight Kit Knife is a great little knife. It's been pulling hideout duty in my wallet, riding inside a simple sheath made from some card stock and gorilla tape. The sheath was workable, but not particularly durable - the kit knife would poke through the tape and/or get gunked up in general. Drawing the gunked up kit knife from the sheath was less than smooth...generally, it took some wiggling/tugging to get the blade free of the little rigged up sheath. So, a redesign was in order.

After a bit of noodling upon the problem, I came across a protective card sleeve that I had lying around. These sleeves are sold to protect sports cards and can be found at Wal-Mart, card shops and online if needed.

Creating the sheath was pretty simple and called for minimal tools, all pulled from my EDC kit. My modded Leatherman PS4 was used for cutting duties, a Sharpie used to mark the cuts, and Gorilla tape used to seal up the top of the plastic sleeve.
Measure, mark and cut.

Seal the top of the sleeve with tape and you're done!
It's still not much to look at, but works much better. The Kit Knife fits well inside the sleeve, and the sleeve, in turn, is a heck of a lot tougher than the cardstock that I had been using. The knife slides cleanly and smoothly on the draw and resheaths easily.

This sheath works very well for wallet carry. It fits, at an angle, into the card slot on my Saddleback small wallet. It also works well for carrying inside a survival kit; much better than having an unprotected blade floating around. I haven't tried it in other carry styles yet, though this sheath does offer a surprisingly good retention from just the friction fit. Definitely not good enough for inverted neck carry, though.

Want to read more about the UltraLight Kit Knife? Check out our review. Want to pick one up? BFE Labs is the only place to go.