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Dual Survival Season 2, Episode 1

Well, Dave and Cody are back at it. I like the episode, pretty good. Here's a few quick bullets points with thoughts:

  • Dave is one tough dude. But then again we all knew that. 
  • Would I ever cauterize a wound like that? In a survival situation, if it was my only good option, sure. I would probably pass out and puke from the pain. Anyways, I'm glad that Dave showed that it can actually work...we've all seen it in movies (Rambo 3!), but to see someone actually do it in real life. Pretty crazy.
  • The river crossing was probably the wimpiest river crossing shown on a survival show. However, it shows that you should never take crossing water lightly...fall, get soaked and freeze to death in wet clothes is not a good thing.
  • Cody's wikiup looked awesome...in a pinch, you could certainly live out of one of those, as Cody did during his younger years. Pretty amazing to see him put together such a solid structure in only a few hours.
  • Dave's trap looked effective, but obviously took a lot of time/effort to build. I would guess that he built the trap at the insistence of producers; Dave usually teaches more simple traps and building many of them.
Overall, good episode. I do think that the show needs to mix up the formula a little bit to avoid becoming too repetitive...longer duration in the wilderness, unable to self rescue and stay in place for a few days, etc.