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Cool BOV - AT JK Habitat

The Adventure Trailers - JK Habitat
Came across this today and thought it was pretty cool. This is a replacement pop-up hard top camper for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Sleeps 4. Check out the video below for an exterior walkaround.

The tent apparently deploys in like a minute...entrance is from inside the Jeep and it does look quite spacious. AT has the interior of the Jeep pimped out with an Engle fridge, drawer system, water storage, water pump, heater, slide out stove, propane tank and more. It's a pretty sweet bug out set up--you've got the maneuverability and off-road capability of a Jeep, plus a fast deploying sleeping area. If you spring for their kitchen set up, then you've got an awesome camp kitchen ready to go.

A good sized solar panel for battery top off, extra water (and/or filter) and food loaded in the back and you could park this somewhere and hang out comfortably for a couple weeks. Jeep has a nice green and sand exterior colors, which would blend in a bit better than white. Maybe toss in a few camo nets for good measure. Your storage/passenger space is a bit limited; if you need more room, AT does make the top off-road trailers too.

 If anyone wants to buy me a Jeep and this set up, I'd be glad to accept.

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