> TEOTWAWKI Blog: CNBC lumps survivalists with notorious doomsday cults



CNBC lumps survivalists with notorious doomsday cults

Check out this moronic slideshow on Doomsday Cults, posted by CNBC. They've put James Wesley Rawles and survivalists in general alongside such infamous groups as Heaven's Gate, Branch Davidians, Jim Jones and others.

Uhh...what? Last time I checked in, Rawles' wasn't suggesting readers ingest cyanide or follow him onto the next comet to heaven. Or that most any survivalist blogs were associated with any kind suicidal fanatical religious cults, prophecy, etc.

I personally take offense to this kind of crap. Yes, the actual text blurb is basically just mildly condescending, but  they're still lumping us into a slideshow with doomsday cults, prophets and nutjobs. Hardly accurate and shows a complete ignorance and misunderstanding on their part.

My already low opinion of NBC goes even lower. Main stream media fails again.

Thanks to RG for passing this on!