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Build your Food Reserves with Extreme Couponing

We've all got budgets that we have to work with, and trying to build food storage can be a stretch. It's a definite challenge to buy twice the food that you need using the same budget. "Extreme couponing" is one way to accomplish that feat. Extreme couponing is the practice of strategic coupon use--find the best coupons and then wait for sales or coupon doubling to get stuff for free or at a drastic discount. It requires quite a bit of research, coupon finding and preparation before a visit to the grocery store. It also requires buying with the sale--maybe buying different brands or foods that you normally wouldn't, based on the deal you can get. But, if you get serious about it, you can save tons and tons of money doing it.

Don't believe me? Check out this video to see an extreme couponer in action.