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Review: OscarDelta Hybrid Kevlar Bracelet v10.0

NOTE: OscarDelta has a new version of the survival bracelet on the way (v10.2), which is adjustable for different wrist sizes. See it here.

Paracord bracelets are an EDC or woodswalking staple for many survival types. Snazzy tactical bracelet and an emergency source of cordage in one package. The OscarDelta Hybrid Kevlar bracelet takes the survival bracelet to the next level.

What's different? For starters, OscarDelta takes an 11 foot piece of paracord, removes the inner strands and replaces those with a strand of kevlar cord. Kevlar cord is very tough stuff; with a 400lb. test strength and excellent resistance to heat, water and chemicals. In practice, I've found that the bracelet does well in the water--it doesn't get soggy and dries faster than comparable paracord-only bracelets. The bracelet has a sturdy plastic SRB for easy putting on/off. OscarDelta adds a reflective red dot and a miniature compass to the bracelet, which rounds of the bracelet's features. While it's pretty easy to DIY a typical paracord bracelet, making something like the Hybrid bracelet would be a lot more involved and time consuming.

I've worn the bracelet off-and-on for a few weeks now. It's comfortable and well made. My only complaint would be the lack of end-user adjust ability (it's a bit looser than I would like)...I could probably undo the braid, cut off some excess material and then reattach the buckle, but the risk-to-reward has kept me from attempting this. OscarDelta seemed to be reading my mind though, and came out with an updated version of the bracelet shortly after I received mine. The current Hybrid bracelets are end-user adjustable.

The OscarDelta Hybrid Kevlar Bracelet is a cool piece of kit, with surprisingly competitive pricing. Despite the added features (kevlar core, compass, reflective dot) and awesome quality, the Hybrid bracelet is priced in the same range as plain-old paracord bracelets.

The OscarDelta Hybrid Kevlar Bracelet is available only from OscarDelta. They don't appear to have any in-stock at the moment, but I'm sure they will be up soon.

UPDATE: v10.2 of the Hybrid Kevlar Bracelet can be see right here >