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Quick Review: The Survivors Club

The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your LifeI'd had this book recommended to me a while back and was recently able to pick up the audio book to listen during my morning commute. The Survivors Club is NOT the story of a club of grizzled survivalists sitting around reloading ammo and planning for TEOTWAWKI. It IS a book that relates some fairly impressive survival stories of normal people, some interesting scientific information, as well as some fairly mundane, warm and fuzzy survival "secrets."

This is NOT a book marketed towards survivalists or the like; it's written with the general population in mind.  Many of the survival cases come across as heart-warming, feel-good stories (cancer survivors, car crash survivors), not extreme survival situations that we typically think of. Several chapters are related to discussing things like "you're stronger than you think you are" and the effects of religion and miracles on survival. Most of the "secrets" come down to positive mental attitude...thinking positively, having a support group and so on. Common sense stuff that you probably don't need to read a book for.

Fuzziness aside, there is a lot of interesting content. Some of the survival stories are truly amazing--a pilot who survived ejecting at over Mach 1, a man who survived a sinking barge in the Baltic Sea, and several others. And much of the science and psychology is pretty interesting too. Why people become brain locked in emergencies. The science behind "lucky" people. That kind of thing.

About a "B" grade as far as books go; not a must-have, but if you're looking for something, you could certainly do worse. This would be an easy recommendation to give to non-prepper friends, especially those interested in psychology or behavior. Don't go in expecting a wilderness survival manual, be aware of the intended audience and fuzziness-factor, and enjoy.

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