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Initial Review: OscarDelta SERE Black Ops Belt

Very excited. The OscarDelta SERE Black Ops Belt V2.2 is a simple but incredibly useful piece of gear. Non-metal, nylon belt...it looks like many casually outdoorsy belts of similar styles, not overly tactical or attention drawing in my opinion.

The Black Ops Belt has a clever little secret though...a nearly full-length pocket/sleeve inside the belt, sealed by Velcro (yes, real Velcro and not "hook-and-loop"). This pocket is perfect for stashing a variety of small EDC or survival items. Because of the top-mounted Velcro, these items can then be accessed fairly easily, without removing the belt.

Cool. So what kind of things fit? Here's a few:
Streamlight Nano, Spyderco Jester & Ladybug, stubby iPhone cable
Aquamira tablets, BFE UltraLight in homemade sheath, Bogota picks
Mini Bic, mini compass, ferro rod, TinderQuik tabs and a bundle of
SerePick kevlar survival cord all fit easily within the belt
The Spyderco Ladybug and Mini Bic are about the biggest items that can fit inside; the E01 fits but with lots of printing. This picture at the right was a collection of various random bits of survival and EDC kit that I threw into the belt and wore around for the afternoon. Yes, I know there are three knives and two fire starters; I was just stuffing items into the the belt to see how they carried. Even with all this gear, the belt was about 1/2 empty. Lots of room for small gear.

I tried a Leatherman Squirt, but it was a bit too tall and wide to fit well. Basically, most small E&E or pocket survival kit gear will fit well inside the Black Ops Belt. The pocket definitely fits flat items better, but you can fit up to a single AAA flashlight inside. Larger items cause more printing, while smaller and flatter items disappear completely.

The Black Ops Belt lets you carry a variety of SERE-sized gear, outside your pockets, in a well concealed, and easy-to-integrate-into-your-EDC manner. As long as you're wearing pants, you'll have these items with you. The contents should stay concealed and unnoticed except during a very thorough search (the belt itself would need to be closely inspected). It's kind of a fun, Batman/Jack Bauer-esque piece of gear, while being practical at the same time.

The Black Ops Belt could serve well in a variety of capacities. For wilderness use, it has more capacity than a standard PSK, carries more comfortably and would be even less likely for you to become separated from. For travel in unfriendly lands, you could stash a bunch of emergency cash and some escape gear if you fear kidnapping or unlawful restraint. For EDC, you could carry any small gear that you don't otherwise have a place for and don't want riding loose in a pocket.

One thing to note: the Black Ops Belt is a cloth belt, without any kind of stiffener, and as such, it isn't rigid enough to work well as a gun belt or carrying heavy loads.

I really like the capabilities and possibilities provided by the Black Ops Belt. I will be posting more shortly as I have had time to work it out in my EDC rotation.

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