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Random Notes

Thanks for all the feedback around getting better results from my Sharpmaker. I'm reading through information...unfortunately, I'll need to wait a little bit on any additional sharpening tools--I've blown through that budget for the time being.

HawkePak Quick N' Dirty
This bag arrived today. Initial impressions are pretty good. I'll have a more detailed review up in a bit...I'm working it out right now. From what I can tell based on pictures, this is similar to the S.I. Terrorist Interdiction Bag, minus the zipper side pockets, and with additional mag compartments on the inside. This bag has 6 double AR-15 mag pouches, for a total possible of 12 mags, which is WAY more than I'm intending. Overall, the bag is well made, but I'm going to end up probably making a few modifications before I'm done with it.

In a related note, I'm looking at getting some KYWI (kydex wedge inserts) to help with mag retention. Anyone have experience with these?

Backyard Food Production
I'm a complete n00b and moron when it comes to garden, livestock, etc. I just got my hands on a pretty excellent little DVD called Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm. I did a quick watch of it this afternoon and was impressed; very informative about a wide variety of backyard farming techniques, done by a family who has gone through the process successfully. I'll have a more detailed review up soon.

Jiu Jitsu
You know, survival/preparedness is pretty amazing in the diversity of skills/knowledge. I rediscovered Submissions101's YouTube channel this morning and spent about an hour watching various videos and instructionals. Grappling skill is an important part of hand to hand combat, and these guys have a huge number of tutorial videos up for your free viewing pleasure.