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Private Survival Island - $5 million

Was browsing around the internet and dug up this private island up for sale in the Bahamas, set up by a former CIA guy to be an ideal survivalist retreat. It's still for sale, asking $5 million, down from an original $12m. Here's an excerpt from an ABC News article about the island's amenities:

"Those considering a bid on Halcomb's property should know you'll never have to worry about the lights going off at Leaf Key.
Thanks to a seven-mile undersea cable, it is one of the few islands tied into the Bahamas power grid. There are also six backup generators and two dozen solar panels.
Need drinking water?
Underground cisterns capture and store up to 145,000 gallons of rain water. If that fails, a desalinization plant was installed seven years ago that can turn 5,000 gallons of seawater into drinking water each day.
If building repairs are needed the island has its own wood and metal shops, seven electric golf carts, a fork lift, tractor and more building supplies than can easily be counted. Think tires, fuel pumps, cables, batteries, nuts, bolts and screws, which should come in handy because "the nearest hardware store is 50 miles away -- by boat," Halcomb said.
When a Florida hardware chain went bankrupt, Halcomb spotted a way to get needed supplies to the island and purchased an entire store at auction.
"I just bought everything, lock, stock, barrel and shipped to the island," he said.
And plenty of those items remain -- there are even four spare refrigerators -- still in the box.
He also stocked up on food with a freezer building that holds 4,000 pounds of frozen food. Halcomb said that between canned and frozen supplies he typically had enough food to last him two to three years."
There's also a private airstrip for landing your bug-out plane right on the island. If you've got $5 million lying around for a survival retreat (and who doesn't?), this looks like a screaming deal.