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Attack of the Misc!

Crazy times we live in, huh? Things heating up Asia, with North Korea being its usual crazy self and talking about developing nuclear mines and torpedos. Afghanistan the usual mess. WikiLeaks causing international drama and now paying the price. Rail guns and smart sniper rifles in development. Lots of news to stay on top of. I find Danger Room to be the best source of military news and hit up a variety of sources for the rest.

Interesting times like these often make it easier to get people interested in prepping--threat of say, an all-out war between North and South Korea is enough to make many people sit up and take notice. We will probably see a surge in interest in preps/survivalism if things continue to get crazier around the world. 

Busy Week
Just a heads up - this next week will be busy for me, so I may only get a couple of posts in. After that though, I have a healthy break for the holidays and have some fun things planned.

Lights Out
David Crawford/Halffast's novel, Lights Out, is available for purchase in paper back right here. I read through 2/3rds of  Lights Out back when it was floating around as a PDF--thought it was pretty good, but didn't end up finishing it for some reason. Give it a shot if you're looking for some good survival fiction to keep you entertained over the break.