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The Bug Out Ammo Can

I've meant to organize some SHTF mags and ammo into one place for quite a while now. It was spread between a couple different places - range bags, various ammo cans, nightstand, etc. I've been meaning to put together a sneaky bag type set up for this purpose, but the funds to pick one up haven't been there. So I took a look at what I had kicking around and decided to throw something together that was "good enough" for what I wanted: A durable container that can be stored safely near our bug out bags and grabbed on the way out the door. It needed to be big enough to contain this gear:
The contents: dollar store tool bandoleer w/ 3 loaded P-mags, bandoleer of 5.56mm (120 rounds), Bladetech holster, Bladetech AR mag carrier and loaded P-Mag, pistol mag pouch with two loaded pistol mags, box of Federal Automatch, 50 rounds of pistol ammo and a 10/22 magazine. 
This load out lets me grab my guns, the container and head out the door, reasonably well equipped. There's enough spare ammo to reload all of the mags once (additional Glock magazine in the pistol, my AR is stored w/o a mag).

An ammo can was the easy answer. I was originally going to use one of the big plastic Wal-Mart cans, but decided to go with the old standby, the 50-cal can. They're stronger and more rugged than the plastic alternatives...pretty bomb proof, sealed tight, etc. A good thing. It's also heavy, but this is meant to throw in the back of a car in a hurry, not carry on foot.

Professional label, huh?
The contents fit in the ammo can just fine, with some room to spare. I should probably add some ear plugs and a web belt of some kind...the holster and mag holders won't do me much good if I bug out in my gym shorts. Maybe spare batteries for my combat light.

I generally like to keep my ammo cans homogeneous...one kind of ammo per can. But this gives me the variety of ammo that I need, plus some basic support gear, in one place. Pretty convenient way to store some bug out gear, I think. 

Ammo cans are great things to have on hand. It's generally best to pick 'em up locally at a gun shop, gun show or military surplus store, but I wouldn't pay much more than $10. If you don't have a decent ammo can seller in your area, Lucky Gunner has ammo cans for $9. If you're already an ammo can aficionado, TSLRF is running a pretty cool contest through Saturday morning - share your creative ammo can uses and enter to win a free half-case of ammo.