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Attack of the Misc!

Special Project
Note on the t-shirts - I've had a few people e-mail about pre-ordering. Right now, we're not ready to accept payments - I want to make sure that the printing company does a good job before we start, and we don't have the back-end set up yet. Give us a couple days and we should have everything worked out.

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Watching Track Me if You Can on Discovery, about disappearing/flying under the radar. Pretty good!

@ aquaponics set ups, ready to order: 

Russia's missile defense HQ looks pretty cool:

Gold at $1410. Silver at $27.76. Really wish I'd had more money around when I wrote this post. 

I watched The Crazies on Netflix about a week ago. Everyone in a small town starts to turn into homicidal crazy zombies of sorts, and the government converges to clean up the problem. Things, of course, get messy. Pretty good survival horror with some very tense scenes. Recommended.

Skyline is hitting theaters today, and it looks like an update on the Independence Day/alien invasion movie. Initial reviews are really bad, though...currently rating 29% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Precious Metals
Gold and silver are down sharply this morning. Is it a momentary dip for profit taking or a market correction?

Ammo Deals
Remember those crazy days of 2008/early 2009? Well, ammo prices have come back to earth. There are lots of excellent deals on the interweb...AIM Surplus has a killer deal right now on 7.62x39mm (16 cents a round!).

Complaining about Optics
So I'm shopping around for some optics for my AR, and I can't for the life of me understand why quality red dots are $400+. What the heck? Yes, I realize and Aimpoint is a well made and well engineered piece of gear, but it's what, a metal housing, some glass and some very basic electronics? Why $400??? A solar calculator is more complicated. Their cost to make one of the scopes can't be anywhere close to that, can it?