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Special Project: TEOTWAWKI Propaganda Poll

I've been thinking about doing some kind of fun/swag type stuff for a while now, but wanted to see whether there was interest. I've put a poll in the right hand column with a few different ideas--t-shirts, stickers, posters, etc. You can vote on multiple things. I'm trying to gauge which would be the most popular so I can start from there.

These would all be professionally designed, printed and done well. I know the actual purchase decision depends on having a cool design, so vote with having a cool design in mind. A vote's obviously not a commitment to purchase, but if you would honestly never buy anything no matter how cool the design was, don't vote :). No idea on pricing on any of these, but it would be reasonable and in-line with what you're used to seeing.

A bit of clarification on the stickers--these would be high-quality, vinyl cut stickers. The small size would be sized to put on a laptop or notebook, so maybe 2.5x3 inches max, probably smaller. The big sized would be big enough for the back window of a car/truck or sufficiently occupy the side of an ammo can--around 6 inches or so.

Poll is open for a week. Vote now!