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Gear Review: SerePick Folding Razor Saw

A razor blade and and a little saw in one compact package? Didn't know that you needed one, did you?

SerePick, makers of the awesome Bogota entry toolset, have crafted a fine tool to fill that need. Pictured on the right, you can see the folding razor saw. Razor blade, small saw, plastic handle with ruler markings. The tools don't lock and are kind of loose, prone to flopping around. I'd have concerns about it flipping open if carried loose in a pocket; the razor would slice a finger wide open. It's not a hard tool to use, but some care should be taken.

SerePick markets it as a concealable tool for cutting your way out of restraints. It's small, as you can see in the comparison picture with the $2 bill below. Comparable in size to a mini Swiss Army Knife; maybe a little bit bigger. Perfect size for an altoid or similar sized survival kit.

The razor blade is, well, razor sharp. Good for slicing and shaving. There are similar tools that come with just the razor. The FRS adds a saw. It's not the greatest saw and would take you a long, long time cut through anything substantial. It does notch wood fairly well, and if you had no other option and you life depended on cutting through a metal bar, you'd be glad to have it.

An actual razor blade is flatter and easier to carry than this--heck, prisoners and gang members often hide them in their mouths. A razor blade is not, generally, so easy to carry by itself. People usually keep 'em taped up or in a cardboard sleeve, which makes them pretty slow to deploy. This is a razor blade with a handle, and therefore much easier to carry and use. It's pretty low-profile and likely to go unnoticed as a craft/office tool.

I would not buy it as a standalone for the saw. A piece of hacksaw blade is easier and faster to use, and the hacksaw blade is thinner, more concealable and easier to carry. But I'd prefer the FRS over similar tools because it does have the saw--saw is better than no saw.

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