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Attack of the Misc!

Apologies for the few days since the last post--real life has been busy! Caught a few minutes to share some of the latest miscellaneous survival stuff that has come up on the radar--another Attack of the Misc!
  • Precious Metals Climbing: Gold is almost at $1300 an ounce, silver almost $21.50. I wrote about the value of precious metals for survival a month ago, and gold was $1200/oz! I'd expect some profit-taking if it crests the $1300 mark.
TV News
  • The Colony Finale: The introduction of "Tick" was interesting--was he really hiding out in the compound for a month, or did the producers realize the colonists were completely inept at feeding themselves and maintaining security? I wish the group had a few more of these types in it--maybe not all ex-army snipers, but people who have some non-Junk Yard Wars skills. Best moment of the show so far was Tick slapping a rear naked choke on one of the raiders. Maybe the lamest moment of the show was the way they killed off two of the colonists this past week--talk about anti-climatic! Random guy jumps out of the bushes, barfs, then apparently vanishes? Season finale has the colonists leaving the compound for greener pastures and running a vengeance raid on the bandit camp. Meh.
  • Dual Survival Season 2 haven't been able to find confirmation, but another season of Dual Survival is rumored to hit in mid 2011. Filming has not yet started.
  • Les Stroud's new show: Haven't really been following it. Watched one episode--thought it was ok, but not up to par with Ray Mear's similar show. More anthropology than survival.
Movie News
  • Red Dawn Down Under?: Looks like the Aussies have their own spin on Red Dawn coming out, Tomorrow When the War Began.
  • Monsters: Pretty cool looking indy film; giant monster apocalypse. Getting lots of good buzz from the movie people. Available on iTunes now, coming to select theaters shortly. Trailer >
  • The Horde: Indy zombie movie, cops & criminals vs. the undead. Here >
  • Mad Max: Fury Road: After years of speculation, it looks like a new Mad Max film will go into production in 2011. $100 million budget, with original trilogy director George Miller at the helm. IMDB page.
Zombie News
  • Dead Rising 2: Mass zombie 3rd person beat-em-up. Released last week, IGN rated 8/10.
  • Zombie Typography Art: Pretty cool poster of the Left 4 Dead 2 zombie hand, made up entirely of titles of zombie media. Such favorites as Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island and Punk Rock Zombie Kung fu Cat Fight. See it >