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Book Review - Day by Day Armageddon

I actually read this book back around Christmas and subsequently forgot about it. So this review is coming from slightly fuzzy memories.

Day by Day Armageddon is an interesting take on the zombie survival novel; it's written in journal format, following the hero through his adventures on a daily basis. He starts at the beginning of the outbreak and the book follows along as the hero tries to stay one step ahead of the hordes.

The book follows a definite pattern - find a place to hole up for a while, lay low, and then escape when the zombie hordes overwhelm them. Halfway through the book, you figure this out, and the book gets a little predictable from there on out. It's not the conventional plot arc, which is ok, but gives the book a flat feeling by the end.

I think Day by Day Armageddon probably started out as a blog, and it probably actually worked better in that format; it doesn't have the "book" structure and struggles a bit because of it. I did a quick search, though, and didn't turn up any info.

The ending also leaves something to be desired; the book just kind of ends - like the author didn't know how to wrap things up. It leaves you hanging, and not in the traditional cliffhanger sense. A sequel did come out last month, which I'm sure helps to continue the story along. Hopefully the author has some new plotting tricks as well.

That being said, I was entertained by this book. Aside from the plotting issues, it IS well written. Bourne has a good style to his writing that fits with the zombie genre well, and the first-person journal format works well and keeps you tuned into the main character. Good zombie survival action, and the author does a good job of coming across as knowledgeable on the subject. The variety of hideouts and escape methods that the hero and friends use are a nice break from the usual.

Check it out on Amazon or watch the trailer for the book below.