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Review: Tekkeon TekCharge

So this little gadget and I have had our struggles.

The concept--a portable battery backup/recharger that runs on 4 AA batteries. It has a USB-out, so you can recharge any USB device with it. Comes with a little cord with a variety of changeable tips for charging cell phones, etc. But it also has a mini-USB in, through which you can recharge your rechargeable AA batteries. Pretty cool.

I purchased the TekCharge and a pack of Eneloops off Amazon back in May, but the unit I received died after about an hour of use. Tekkeon promptly sent a replacement--but that didn't seem to want to recharge correctly using the wall plug that I have. It will display full charge, but really only has about 10 minutes of juice in it. Great.

So, I was about ready to write the device off as a loss when I decided to just plug it into a computer's USB port--a last attempt. And presto--it does recharge as intended via an actual computer USB port. I'm not sure why, as the wall plug that I have works fine on every other device I've used it with--the Tekkeon must just be picky.

With the problem isolated and able to get the intended functionality out of the TekCharge, I can say it's a pretty handy gadget to have. Backup power for cell phones and electronics and the ability to recharge AA batteries in a device about the size of a deck of cards. I used it on a road trip over the weekend when my car's cigarette lighter stopped working--charged up the batteries of a dying cell phone.

I carry the TekCharge in a small electronics kit that has spare batteries, cords and various plugs for my electronics; this kit has become an essential part of my EDC bag. I'm moving all of my battery-powered gear over to AAs for ease of use, price and commonality, and will run Eneloops in them, which I can recharge via the TekCharge.

Would I recommend the Tekkeon TekCharge? Well, my first unit was basically DOA and the replacement is picky about what USBs it will recharge with. If you could be guaranteed to get a unit that functioned perfectly and if you need a backup battery pack or portable AA recharger, I'd give it a definite endorsement for the ol' EDC bag. The TekCharge currently has 4 stars on Amazon--it seems that people either get a device that works fine or they get one that's DOA or dies shortly after, and that has about been my experience. It's a great little device--if you can get one that works.

So, buyer beware if you're going to purchase the TekCharge--you may get a "bad" unit.  If that is the case, Tekkeon is very easy to work with and should have a replacement to you in a few days.