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New Season of the Colony - Next Tuesday

Season 2 of the Colony starts Tuesday July 27th, at 10pm ET/PT. From Discovery:

What would you do in the wake of a global catastrophe? Even if you survived it, could you survive the aftermath?

Season Two of THE COLONY introduces viewers to a new group of volunteers with differing backgrounds, skills and personalities, to bear witness to how these colonists will survive.

I liked the first season of the Colony. Sure, it had its flaws and limits due to the nature of the program (reality TV), but it was entertaining and better watching than most things out there.

This season is set in Chalmette, Louisiana, post-pandemic outbreak, and lasts for 50 days. This season looks to be a bit more intense and they have a smaller group of survivors (7 in this season). If you're into Facebook games, they have a Facebook Connect simulation/game that will involve your Facebook friends.

Discovery has some video previews up on their site.

Check it out >