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Attack of the Misc

  • A Survival Suburban Homestead was one of the more interesting SurvivalBlog entries of late.
  • Discovery Channel has a Dual Survival mini-marathon planned for tomorrow night; replaying the three already aired shows before the brand new Peru episode. Check your listings.
  • If you're looking for quiet .22lr, Aguila's Super Colibri are the way to go. Tried some out this week--about the same noise level as a pellet gun. Of course, they don't have the "oomph" to cycle a semi auto.
  • Had this post from Gabe Suarez recommended -- Should You Act? - Get Involved or Get Away?
  • Suarez also has a Mini-14 gunfighting DVD coming out soon, which is the first Mini-14 specific training DVD that I've seen. If you're fond of the Mini, you should probably check this out. You can pre-order here.