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Sportsmobile for Bug Out Vehicle

Video from YouTube.
Kinda cool, huh?

Sportsmobiles are vans converted into travel campers/mini RVs. Most have pop-tops, room for around 4 people to sleep, a small fridge/sink/stove kitchenette, a small toilet area or marine toilet--basically van living in style. Sportsmobile offers an offroad 4x4 model that looks to be surprisingly capable off the pavement. And they looks pretty sweet, too.

Pretty good for the family BOV. You've got fairly self contained RV-living in a van sized package with good offroad capability and decent gas mileage. This could be a daily driver, adventuring, road tripping and camping machine--and you can park it in your garage. Complete with ARB bumpers for knocking zombies out of the way.

Of course, the living amenities take up a lot of the van's interior, and quarters will be cramped with more than two adults inside. I'm not sure how much supplies you could pack into these to sustain say a family of four. Water, extra fuel and food can all take up a lot of space. As with all bug out plans, you'd need to be heading for somewhere that you could resupply and hunker down.

Price is the big deal breaker for most--Sportsmobiles run $60k-90k new, depending on the options, and they seem to be fairly in-demand on the used market. If you had the time, skills and inclination, you could probably DIY something similar for much less.