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Review: Disc 1 Magpul Dynamics: The Art of the Dynamic Handgun

Finally got my hands on this and just finished up the first disc. Just as good as their carbine stuff--actually a bit better, in my opinion.

I find handguns to be a much greater challenge than rifles...as does about everyone. Fewer points of contact, crappier sights, shorter barrels, lighter weapons, heavier triggers. And unfortunately, it seems that finding a good range where you can give your handgun a thorough workout at the correct ranges, rapid firing and drawing from your holster is nigh impossible. These things add up--handguns are harder to master, with little forgiveness for loose fundamentals, and we get less good trigger time with them.

That would be fine if handguns were a specialty weapon, and we could count on having our battle rifles and carbines with us at all times, but unless you're gunning down bad guys in the military, that's ain't going to happen. For civilians, the handgun is your most important weapon--it's the gun you're most likely to have with you WTSHTF. Tough to master, but your life is most likely to depend on it.

Training videos like the Art of the Dynamic Handgun are an essential tool to help increase your skill level, focus your efforts on the range, and give you more to work on and perfect during your dry firing practice.
On the first disc of the Art of the Dynamic Handgun, the Magpul Dynamics guys give a thorough run down of all the fundamentals and techniques that add up to mastering the handgun. These are important nuances, and every shooter will benefit from an in-depth review of this material. Chris Costa and Travis Haley are dialed in, massively skilled and on the leading edge of firearms training, the production quality is excellent, and the material is reviewed clearly and in depth.

There's always room for improvement, and everyone will find something that they need to practice and work on--something that will help them be a better shooter. I particularly appreciated the in-depth review of proper firing grip of the handgun. Heck, just watching Chris and Travis run their handguns will help you to realize how inadequate your skills are and get you working twice as hard to improve them.

Definitely recommended--must have for every handgun owner, as far as I'm concerned. Really, there's no better training that you can get for the $40-$50 cost of the set. I'll try to give a run down of each disc as I watch 'em.

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