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Pocket Dump!

Have upgraded some of my EDC items since my last pocket dump. Here are the contents of my pockets today (rolling a little on the light-side):

- iPod Touch 16 GB loaded with a variety of apps, audiobooks and PDFs via AirSharing, Skullcandy Headphones, in a leather case from Saddleback Leather
- Red bandanna, I think from REI
- Carmex lip balm
- Saddleback Leather small wallet, with various cards, ID, emergency cash and a small amount of Gorilla tape
- Seiko Chronograph, titanium beater watch
- Keys with Leatherman Squirt S4, paracord skull lanyard by me, and a Fenix E1
- Spyderco P'Kal

The Saddleback stuff and the P'Kal are new, and I'm liking them quite a bit. The P'Kal is scary sharp, really well made, and opens lickety-quick with the wave-feature. The pocket clip and axis-like lock are a little stiff but starting to wear in nicely. It's the highest-quality folder I've ever owned, and so far not disappointing.

The Saddleback Leather stuff is nice looking and very tough. I love the iPod sleeve, and the wallet is pretty cool, though a little on the small side and in need of breaking-in.  I moved from a bigger Eagle Creek Bi-Fold that had quite a bit more room, so a few less-used cards had to be left out, and the card/cash slots are very new and tight--they will certainly loosen up with wear.


  1. It looks like that Leatherman has just a teensy bit of wear.

  2. It does! I've been carrying it on my keys since 2003! I can't bring myself to replace it...all of the tools--minus the crappy tweezers--are going strong.

  3. My Leatherman is so old it doesn't have a model... just "Leatherman (R) Tool." It's as loose as a butterfly knife, and the wire cutter is all chipped up, but the rest of it works great.

    I noticed no way to make fire... just traveling light then?

  4. Dustin -

    Yep! This is traveling light. No CCW, no fire starting, no fixed blade, heck, not even my POS cell phone!

    I don't find myself needing fire on a regular basis, so it's an EDC bag item for me. I have a Zippo that I occasionally pocket carry, and have been meaning to pick up a small ferro rod to add to my key chain.

  5. How about one of these for your keychain. County Comm makes some great edc stuff!