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Attack of the Misc.

Bunch of random stuff bouncing around the brain cavity this eve, so here they are in bullet points:
  • On the 3rd (or 4th?) draft of my post-apocalypse book, about 40 pages in. Got it in a decent place...need to hammer the rest of the book out and then go back and start revising. It's going to be a fun, post-apocalyptic survival/action book--with a fair amount of realism (weapons, gear, survival techniques, action) mixed in with some fun stuff--mutant monsters, gladiatorial combat and some surprises. I will eventually start posting chapters, but that's a little ways off.
  • Thought Dual Survival was really good! Great production values, some cool stuff shown. Dave going tribal on a porcupine and Cody's super shelter were highlights for me. Excited for the rest of the series...I think we'll probably see a bit less of the bickering between Dave and Cody as the series progresses, and more of the camaraderie that we're starting to see. Next episode is on Friday.
  • Book of Eli came out on DVD the other day. If you haven't seen it yet, it's definitely worth a rent! Best post-apocalyptic movie in a while. Amazon has the Blu Ray/DVD/Digital combo for $24.99. 
  • Watched the rest of the Magpul Dynamics Art of the Dynamic Handgun; not really worth a full post. Good stuff; they run the students through some scenarios (fun to watch, but not super useful--would love to have a range like that to train on, though!) and then dive into some CCW basics, malfunction clearance, one handed weapon manipulations and equipment selection. Solid stuff--but the first DVD was by far my favorite and most useful to me. Haven't gone through the drills yet, plan to incorporate those into my dry fire training. Overall, great DVD, on par with what they did for carbines--and definitely the best training-for-you-buck you can find.
  • Got a new bag for EDC purposes...the Camelbak Urban Assault. Great, low-profile looking bag for EDC or urban survival, with Camelbak's typical build quality. Have only had it for a few days and haven't really had a chance to put it through its paces yet, but will post up a review eventually.
  • Still not sure about the Tekkeon TekCharge. The replacement model that the company sent works, but it seems to suck at recharging batteries. Drained the batteries down, left it to recharge overnight (12+ hours), charger said the batteries were topped off...but I only got maybe an hour of juice out of 'em. Lame--these are brand new Eneloops, so it's not the batteries.
  • Check out this new, affordable portable hydrogen fuel cell pack for recharging your portable electronics. Pretty cool tech that may end up changing how we power our gizmos.
  • BB guns for survival? I don't, nor have ever had, a BB gun/air gun...but we have lots of rabbits running around here, and a BB gun would be the tool for the job. Any recommendations? Or--how loud are those .22lr CB caps?