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Review: The Book of Eli - TEOTWAWKI Fun

I finally got a chance to see The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman--probably one of Hollywood's best bad guys. Gotta say--I liked it a lot.

Eli, Denzel Washington, is a wanderer in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by nuclear war some three decades prior. Eli is the steward of the world's only remaining King James Bible, and Gary Oldman is the villain who wants to get that Bible for his own gain.

It's a well done movie with some cool fight scenes, good twists and some excellent cinematography. There's guns, swords and Mad Max style-vehicles. There's cannibals, chainsaws and cat oil (the new lip balm). The twist at the end is so good that I'm going to need to watch the movie again to see if I can see it coming.

What might be most impressive is that the hero is a man of faith, guided and protected by God in his mission. It's pretty cool--and it's refreshing to see Christianity so represented in a big budget film.

The Book of Eli is definitely the best post-TEOTWAWKI movie in a long while--better than The Road or I Am Legend.

It's rated R, but mostly for angry bad guy language; the violence is no worse than the Lord of the Rings movies and there was no nudity that I spotted.