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Great firearm deals to be had...

Ok, so .22lr is still too expensive. But otherwise, we've come to a time where ammo, magazines and firearms are back to reasonable prices and availability. The shortages and price hikes caused by Obama-induced panic buying have eased. Now is a "calm" in the market, and if you're able, a good time to stock up.

Some deals that I've seen recently:
  • AKs for $400 and less
  • Cases of cheap .223 and 7.62x39mm for under $250
  • Quality GI-style AR-15 magazines for under $8
  • Deals on quality surplus .308 in military packaging (strippers and bandos)
  • Mosin Nagants--still dirt cheap
  • 5.45x39 surplus ammo--still dirt cheap
  • PMAGs for under $15, all day long
  • AR .22lr conversion kits w/ 3 mags for under $175
  • Glock magazines back around $20 
 The "calm" won't be around forever--the Obama induced panic buying was certainly not the only time we'll ever see such conditions in the market. And with many concerned about hyper-inflation, having some $$$ in tangibles like guns, mags and ammo certainly isn't a bad idea!