> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Better is the enemy of good enough.



Better is the enemy of good enough.

So often we focus on having the best, highest quality stuff--the coolest, most tactical, cutting edge stuff. We're gear snobs. There's something to be said for this--we've all been burned by cheap crap products. And when shopping for preps--something you may need to bet your life or your family's safety on--you want something that you can count on, without reservation, in a crisis situation.

But we all have limited time and resources--there's only so much that we can learn, prepare and purchase. We preppers are planners--it's what we do--and we like to plan out the best possible course of action. We plan for the best training, gear and other preps. But, due to lack of time and resources, these plans often never come to fruition.

It's easy to end up in a state of planning paralysis, stuck perpetually researching, compiling and saving for the best of the best. But plans that we're not able to put into action don't do us much good, do they?

That's where "good enough" comes in. It's often hard to buy something when you're well aware of its shortcomings and how there are much better products out there. But these are the compromises that have to be made. You've got to realistically look at what preps you need and what you can afford. Then figure out what's "good enough" and fits your budget.

I'm not saying to settle for crap that will fall apart in a few months. But don't get too caught up in the quest of getting the "best" that you end up lacking important capabilities. "Good enough" will get the job done.