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Evernote for Prepping

You may or may not have heard of Evernote; it's a free note and web-clipping program available for a wide variety of platforms, including a web-interface. Their pitch:

Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use. For free.

Aside from organizing notes, images and important information in one place that's accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, Evernote has a very robust search capability. It will even read and index the text from images and handwritten notes, so those will come up in searches as well.

I've been using Evernote for the past year or so and give it a whole-hearted recommendations. I find it extremely useful for saving news stories, quotes, blog posts and forum threads that I may want to look up later. With Evernote, you drastically reduce time spent digging around your files and various websites--the information you're looking for is only a search away.

It's the ultimate "notebook" for your lists of preps, plans, and quasi-important information. Bits of information and factoids that you come across--whether they're deals on preps, interesting articles, or your own notes and plans. For example, in the past few days I've added pictures of Russian MREs (nasty), a receipt from Sportsman's Guide, a post from SurvivalBlog about Rocket Stoves and an article about Al Queda's air smuggling capabilities. I need to add notes more frequently to Evernote and am frequently kicking myself for not doing so while I'm digging around and researching the answer to a question that I know I've seen before.

Your Evernote account is password protected, so I feel secure storing quasi-sensitive information on it. Here's a few ideas to get your imagination going:
  • Firearm serial numbers, pictures of valuable belongings for insurance purposes
  • Contact information for friends and family
  • Keep track of what's in those boxes of preps--take a picture of the contents and write out a quick list of what's inside and then number the box. When you're looking for a particular tidbit, just punch it into Evernote and you'll know exactly where to look. Much better than opening up each of your bins/hidden caches looking for a particular item.
  • Keep track of formulas--how do you make blackpowder? How much bleach should you use to disinfect water?
  • Save out the important bits from military field manuals and survival-related books
  • Save photos or scans of targets from range trips
  • Keep satellite maps of your area and bug-out routes
  • Make a wishlist of all the preps, gizmos, knives, guns, and other end of the world supplies
Check Evernote out; if you're already using Evernote to keep prep-related notes, let us know some your tricks!