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CityDeals.com - Gift Certificates for Preps

Hello faithful readers or random visitors--thought I would pass along this tip. During the holiday season, we oft purchase gift cards to give to friends, family and co-workers. Well, CityDeals has some killer discounts and deals on gift cards. Many times, they will offer credit to their site with the purchase of a gift card--which you can save up and use towards prep related gift cards (Cabela's, Bass Pro, etc.).

Or, if you are planning on buying stuff from one of these stores anyways, do it with gift cards that you purchase through City Deals. If you were going to spend $250 at Cabela's, by funding it with gift cards from City Deals, you would get $25 back--before anything you can get out of Cabela's.

Just some trickiness for making your budget stretch a little bit further.