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Field Sutures: Dave Canterbury is tougher than you are

Now I've plugged Dave Canterbury/Wilderness Outfitters' YouTube videos before, and if you haven't checked them out yet, you owe it to yourself to get over there.

Dave has landed himself a TV deal with a major network and will have to stop making videos shortly, but he has a group of other survival experts lined up to keep his channel active. If you're at all interested in wilderness survival, I can't recommend Dave's videos enough.

I would like to extend a personal thanks to Dave for all the work that he's done and the information that he's shared with the survival community. Congratulations on the TV deal!

Dave has frequently amazed me with his creativity and inventiveness when solving wilderness survival problems. In this latest video, he actually sutures up his own figer, on camera. Three stitches with the gear that he had in his first aid kit. And does so without barely a peep.

Mind you, it's not exactly a tutorial--the conditions are probably not the most sanitary--but it's still pretty amazing to see. Check it out--but definitely not for the squeamish.