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2012 Opens Today

The apocalyptic flick 2012 opens today--it's been much hyped, you've seen the previews and probably aren't too hyped over this one. Reviews are coming in as "meh overall--but good special effects", which is about what I'm expecting out of this one. Some snippets from Rotten Tomatoes:

"Congratulations, John Cusack! You star in the worst movie of the year! "

"Bigger, louder, crazier and more wildly exhilarating than anything previously attempted. "

"160 minutes of this nonsense is at least 90 minutes of back story too many."

My favorite:
"The scenes of destruction composed by Emmerich's team--earthquakes, tsunamis, rains of earth and fire--have an enveloping majesty; they transcend mere expensive photorealism and cross over into art."

Personally, I'm looking forward to The Road, which opens at Thanksgiving.