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Thoughts on the elections

Well, I for one have thought the writing was on the wall for John McCain a while ago--he did not have much of a chance to win. The country is fed up with the Republican party and showed their feelings yesterday. With Barack Obama in the White House and a Democratic controlled House and Senate, we can look to see the liberal agenda pushed by leaps and bounds.

Higher taxes, bigger government, and less liberty--that's what the Democratic party seems to really stand for. I--like many who visit this site--am concerned about what the future may hold with them in charge.

I've never been a big fan of the Republican party, but to me they are the obvious lesser of two evils. With Republicans in charge, we didn't have to generally worry about tax increases, new restrictive laws, and idiotic gun bans. Now we do.

The main concern in most people's minds is that sticky item of gun control. Barack Obama supports "hunters rights"; which means he is fine with some kinds of firearm ownership. But he is not a supporter of 2nd Amendment Rights as a whole--he supports reinstating the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. And with a liberal-controlled House and Senate, it could get forced through.

Should you run out and panic buy semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines? No, probably not. Anti-gun laws have proven to be unpopular and a bad move politicaly, and I don't think there's been a great outcry against so-called "assault weapons" since the ban sunset in '04. I doubt it would be item #1 on the liberal agenda, but that also doesn't mean it won't come up eventually. I do think we at least have some time.

Another ban may certainly happen, so make sure you're well stocked with potential ban-items. I don't think any panic-buying is necessary, but buy those extra magazines you've been meaning to, plus a few more. If you're lacking a particularly "evil" firearm, get it for Christmas. But approach it thoughtfully, like any other prep. There may well be "dark times" for gun ownership ahead, so get ready to face them now.