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Left 4 Dead Demo Out Now

Valve, the company responsible for Half Life and Team Fortress, is launching a wicked looking post-zombie outbreak shooter, Left 4 Dead, next Tuesday. Like most of Valve's games, it's already getting great buzz and was voted best of E3.

They've got a commercial playing on the 'tube, got me all excited for the release. Did some looking on their website, found the intro movie posted here. 5-minutes of zombie killing goodness. Awesome. Watch it, really--viewer discretion advised. From YouTube:

Aside from 4-player co-op, the game has some pretty innovative features--listen to this:

Left 4 Dead's AI Director means that every time you play it you get a unique experience. Zombie attacks, music cues and even the narrative are generated on the fly based on your health, ammo, and how you're playing. Essentially, the AI Director changes your game experience as you play.

Sounds ridiculously cool, huh? The game adjusts on the fly, giving you a different experience each time. We'll see how it works in practice, but could be a revolutionary feature.

The demo is out now and downloading to my machine--grab it from the home page, here. Looks like the demo may only run until the Nov. 18th, when the game hits stores.

Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead--looks like a good fall for post-apocalyptic video games!