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Gun and Magazines Sales Soar Post-Election

The press is giving all sorts of coverage to the massive spike in firearm and high-capacity magazine sales, post Obama election. NPR, CNN.com, and a host of other news sources have all given the story high-level coverage. Many retailers have increased their prices to correspond with the unusual demand.

Thankfully, Obama-aides are responding by saying that reinstating the '94 assault weapons is very low priority for the President-elect, as it should be. The nation has a LOT more to worry about than keeping 30 round magazines off of gun ranges. Let's hope he gives up the matter entirely.

As I posted earlier, now is not the time to make frantic preparations and spend exorbitantly. If you have a gaping hole in your survival firearms battery and the cash to fill it, go ahead. Semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines are the most likely to face additional restriction under Obama's presidency, so if you're concerned about bans, invest there.

But, at the same time, don't get suckered into getting ripped off, and don't dig yourself into debt to purchase a "must-have" firearm or a mountain of ammo. With the rough economic times we're experiencing, the debt could almost certainly cause more troubles than the lack of a particular gun ever would.

Note: Just saw a fairly well-balanced story on NBC Nightly News on this issue. Will look to post a link once it hits YouTube.