> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Spy Coins and other diversion safes



Spy Coins and other diversion safes

These tiny, hollowed out spy coins have cropped on the net over the past few days: Spy-Coins.com. Made from real coins, they are replicas of smuggling coins used to hide microfiche and other tiny communications during the cold war. They're James Bond cool; do they have any real, practical use? I'm not sure--I haven't been able to come up with other uses beyond secretly passing small notes.

Perhaps more practical are larger diversion safes--from fake soda cans to hollowed out books. This site has a good selection and seemingly low prices, but I've never purchased from them, so buyer beware. They've got the standard fake soda cans, and also some others that I've never seen anymore. I especially like the shaving cream, scotch guard, fix-a-flat, and liquid wrench. They'd be quickly passed over by passed over by a thief, and if hefted, their light weight wouldn't necessarily give them away as a fake. Additionally, unlike the classic fake can of soda, a guest would be unlikely to accidentally stumble upon the safe. Kept in a utility closet or under a sink, they'd be a pretty safe way to stash an emergency fund.