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Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles "Heavy Metal"

Well, better than the last episode, but still something of a let down. Sarah and the gang uncover a previously unknown terminator and attempt to foil his plans to stockpile metals used in terminator manufacturing. A few good moments, but a little lacking overall.

SCC seems suffers from a case of lackluster writing, which is sad, as there is so much potential in the Terminator franchise. The episodes just feel flat and lifeless, with sparks of ingenuity and creativity. There are some great moments, but there's a big gap in the quality of writing when compared to Lost, 24, and Heroes when they are at their best. SCC sadly feels like a "B" list show; I really hope that changes as the season progresses.

That being said, SCC is still a pretty good show, with a lot of potential. The next episode promises to be "the most action packed of the season!" and I hope it lives up to that claim.