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Well, I'm a little ticked. Outbid at the last second on a Katadyn Pocket up on Ebay. Would have got it for under $100 before shipping. Dang good deal...but alas, outbid by $1 in the last few seconds. I've started going through some of my old stuff, gathering dust, posting it up on the Bay, and then directing the funds towards preps. Haven't made a lot yet, but every little bit helps.

Spent some time wandering around a local Sportsman's Warehouse the other day. Ended up buying a Byrd Raven to give as a present. Nice little knife for around $20. I EDC a Benchmade Mini-Grip, but I'm thinking about getting a Byrd to carry around as a beater knife. I find myself hesitant to use the Mini-Grip on messy jobs. May pick up a Byrd Cara Cara sometime soon...I would like a bigger knife, too. The Kershaw Junk Yard Dog II is a smoking hot knife, too...but I'd probably go to easy on it.

Sportsman's also had what looked like a copy of a Surefire E1E for about $15. LED, good looking construction...really had to resist buying one. Anyone have any knowledge about these?

Spent some time pricing out a new vehicle this week...no deals to be found, really. We'd like a small SUV, but the prices are horrendous on anything with less than about 100k miles on them. We did see a tricked out Toyota FJ Cruiser that had both my wife and I drooling. Lift, aftermarket rims, ARB roof rack, all kinds of niceness. If only we had $38k lying around to be wasted. Car prices are really bad, though...like down payment on a house. Or several Class III weapons. The house and machine guns will at least hold or appreciate their value, though.

I'm leaning towards keeping our current vehicle and driving it into the ground. It's not exactly an ideal BOV, and it's pricey to get work done on. I'll probably venture into doing some of the repairs/maintenance myself, which will be an adventure. I'm pretty much a total novice/noob/fool when it comes to working on cars...guess doing is the only way to learn, though!

We'll keep shopping around too...prices will only come down as the slow economy hits the dealerships, even more than it already has. I overheard a manager at one dealership telling someone they'd only sold 3 cars all week...not so good for them.

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