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Ammo price grumbling...

Prices are up. Again. Checked the local Walmart, and .22lr can't be had much cheaper than $13 for a brick of 550 rounds. These were $9 a year ago. 9mm is up as well--the 100 round Winchester White Box is up to over $18, last year they were down around $13-$14. Local gun shops are more. I could find 9mm for $6/50 last year. Those deals are past...sadly. Will prices come down? Probably not.

Now these prices weren't exactly a surprise. We were warned about rising ammo prices all last year; we knew these were coming. Now that the jacked up prices are here, I'm sure we're all wishing we'd bought more. I know I am.

Freak out, suck up the prices, and buy more? Probably not a bad idea, if you're not squared away (I know I'm not). Prices will stay high for the foreseeable future, so you won't be losing out on anything. Just don't kick yourself too much for not buying earlier...I know I am.

Of course, the higher prices get, the more attractive reloading gets. I'm pretty darn busy and space is at a premium in my apartment, but as soon as I've got a little more space, I'll try to get together some coin for reloading gear.