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Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Caught SCC last night...TiVo'ed and nicely commercial free. I'm a die-hard Terminator fan, and I'm excited to actually see SCC hit the airwaves. Will it be good, or a weak-kneed pile of watered down network programming?

As most know, the pilot had been leaked to the Internet several months earlier. What was aired last night was largely the same, with a few changes. Most noticeably, the actor for Sarah Connor's fiance was changed. In the original pilot, he was a nice, family-man type. The new actor is rougher looking, tattooed, and frankly more believable as Connor's man-friend. I don't have any more info on the change--maybe one of my readers can chime in.

There's some good action, not a ton of survival content, but there's enough there to keep the S/P crowd entertained and may provoke some thoughts. The characters have to bug-out several times, and I would have loved to see this handled a bit more in-detail. Bug-out bags loaded into the truck, "Grab the guns, John!"...but no, opportunity missed. Oh well.

I had doubts about Summer Glau as the "good Terminator," and I'm still not sold on her character. I liked her in Firefly/Serenity...but, at least in the pilot, it requires a little bit too much suspension of belief for me. That being said, I'm neutral about the character--giving her the benefit of the doubt, for now.

There's another episode on tonight--looks action-packed from the previews! Take a look, if you haven't yet--with the WGA strike, it's not like there's much else on TV!