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Hot Tips

  • Wal-Mart is running some sales for the Super Bowl weekend. At least in my area, survival related deals include:
    • Plastic storage bins. $9.98 for giant 35 gallon ones, other sizes for less
    • Plastic utility drawers and cabinets
    • 4 tier wire rack for $30
    • 4 tier plastic shelves for $1o
    • Flat panel/LCD TVs to serve as a "monitor" for your "war room"
  • Check out other grocery stores for sales on canned goods, etc. I found some pretty good deals last year, this year's ads look promising as well. We're going to fill our freezer up with cheap ground beef we found on sale for $1.59/lb locally.
  • Pocket Organizers, sold by companies like TAD Gear and County Comm ROCK! They're awesome for carrying some of your EDC gear, and make it easy to transfer between other bags. I keep a 80 GB portable hard drive, pens, pencil, Sharpie, pen-screwdriver gizmo, and a cleaning stick in mine. Carry it in my school bag throughout the week, transfer around to other bags as needed. I've wanted one forever and bought myself one for Christmas. Great piece of EDC gear.
  • Go see John Rambo! You will love it. Best action movie in a long time, great way to close out the Rambo saga. Stallone, with the help of some chemicals, manages to really pull the role off. For an older guy, he's still in better shape than 99% of the world. There's one scene where he's hauling ass away from a search team, plowing through the jungle, jumping over logs at full speed--I'd like to see anybody else his age pull that off. Really good stuff. I'll see it again while it's in theaters, something I rarely, if ever, do.
  • I haven't seen Cloverfield yet. Haven't had a huge desire too, although I'm a big Lost fan (which starts up again tomorrow night), and they share production companies (Bad Robot)
  • Watch precious metal prices over the next few months. We're either on the verge of a recession or will sneak by it. If we miss the recession bullet, I would expect silver prices to drop back down; if you're into silver for investment purposes, watch the markets!
  • With the housing slump, home values are plummeting. Again, watch the markets for an opportune time to invest in a home, BOL or investment property. For the immediate future, prices will only continue to drop.
  • Costco, at leas the one by me, has some really nice metal shelving units. One, large, industrial unit sells for $150, and the shelves can support 2000 pounds. EACH. That's a LOT of preps!