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Post-Nuke Comic review

I stumbled across Post-Nuke Comic quite a while back. It's a pencil drawn online comic about a lone survivor traveling through a world ravaged by a world-wide nuclear war. Written by Andreas Duller.

Post-Nuke's art style is unique--the quality is not on-par with other comics, but each illustration is very detailed, with multiple layers of effects in many images. It definitely does its job. The writing is good as well--Post-Nuke doesn't break many molds of the "lone apocalypse survivor" genre, but it carries along well and is an entertaining read for any who enjoy the survival/post-apocalypse genre.

I read through the first several issues in the first few hours after finding Post-Nuke, which was a definite mistake. The comic is very slow to update, with about a new page a month, it seems, which is difficult. Coming to the end left me grasping for more and waiting...

Perhaps what makes it difficult is that each page is a part of an issue and not a self-contained story itself. After weeks of waiting, when Post-Nuke is updated, it's not a satisfying self contained story, its a part of a scene or a part of a conversation. You have to wait a few weeks to get the next part of the conversation or scene, and by then, it's harder to care. But, it's not so much a fault of the author as it is the medium that he's put his comic into.

Post-Nuke would work much better as a printed comic (the author has just finished compiling it as such); the irregular updates and spread out nature of the story make it hard to follow. I certainly understand infrequent updates (being a blogger), but it really does hamper enjoying the comic once you've gotten to the end of all of the material currently online.

For new readers, I suggest taking your time with the material currently posted online--don't race through to the end--or picking up the printed comic (when it comes out). Perhaps wait until the current story arc ends before getting into it (I was waiting for some "closure" before posting this review, but it hasn't come yet)?

Don't get me wrong, the comic is a great read, but the irregular updates make it hard to follow once you've finished the past material. The lack of a self contained "story" in each new page makes it even tougher to stay hooked on "Post-Nuke." I recommend it as a one-time read--trying to follow the comic's progress online just requires too much waiting for not enough reward.