> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Final I Am Legend Trailer hits!



Final I Am Legend Trailer hits!

This is a few days late, but what is to be the final trailer for the upcoming film, I Am Legend, has hit the web. Check it out here at I Am Legend.com.

From the trailer, the film looks amazingly good. Intense, action packed, awesome. Had me grinning with anticipation. The shots of an abandoned Manhattan are especially impressive...especially cool how nature has already started to reclaim the concrete jungles. Our hero's got his lovable German Shepherd to keep him company and sleeps curled up with an AR-15...heck ya!

I'm way pumped for this one--a good, big-budget post-apocalyptic thriller! I know some don't like Will Smith, but he can be solid and likable if you forget about his Fresh Prince days. This one looks good...really good!