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Bartering via the Internet

Not the typical "survival bartering" we think of, where "I'll swap you a pack of cigs for a handful of .22lr!", but trading via the Internet. I've made more than a few trades over the ol' web, all without a hitch.

I usually watch the exchange forums over at BladeForums.com (I think you have to register to read threads) to trade for knives and other gear. AR15.com has a very busy firearms for trade forum, but I haven't swapped anything over there yet. Other trade forums can be found on other popular message boards.

I've found people to generally be honest and easy to deal with; if you've got something they're looking for, shoot them an e-mail with a potential offer. A few back and forth e-mails and you've got a deal. Trades are usually pretty even in value, and from what I've found, people don't seem to be looking to rip each other off.

Arrange shipping--sometimes the person who posted the trade asks for the item to be shipped first, sometimes the items are mailed at the same time. I generally like to get a tracking number, delivery confirmation and insurance if the item is of much value. If you're trading for firearms, you'll of course have to go through the proper channels there.

I've probably done well over a dozen trades, and all have worked out smoothly. I can definitely recommend it; it's a good way to turn stuff you don't need into gear you want.

It's an especially good way to get new gear without your spouse getting too angry at you. "Where'd you get that new flashlight!?"

"Oh this? I got it by trading some old stuff I had lying around. No worries."

"Oh, ok...that's nice..."

Works for me!