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Stealth Preps: Ikea Tealights

Popped into the massive, endless beast of a store that is Ikea to buy some furnishings for our new place today...ended up coming across their bulk packs of tealights. 100 tealights for $2.99. They don't give off a ton of light, but one gives enough light to help you navigate a dark room safely. Multiple tealights are even better! They burn for a few hours--I'm expecting 2-3.

They also sell a little "lantern" to put the tealights in; $3.99 I think it was. Not the sturdiest affair, but it does a fairly good job of protecting the candle. Kind of fun and stylish. Has a wire you could hang the lantern from, or hold onto if you were carrying it around.

Here's a crappy picture that I took of a tealight and the lantern in action:

The tealights may not exactly be blinding, but they give off a similar amount of light to the "30/50/100 hour survival candles" out there on the market that run around $6/per. At $2.99 for 100, you can have 200 tealights for the price of 1 survival candle--a dang good buy if you ask me.

I've poked around briefly online, and Ikea's price is hard to beat. Websites are selling them for $15/100! You can get 500 Ikea tealights at that price! If you're stocking up on candles and lighting, or if your wife drags you to Ikea, you might want to check them out!