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YouTube Video Find: Next Gen Bear Suit

This is pretty entertaining stuff. Some of you may remember the "bear suit" from a half-dozen video bloopers/When Animals Attack shows, designed by a Canadian inventor to resist a bear attack. To demonstrate its abilities, he let himself get beaten with baseball bats, thrown down hills, hit by a truck, and so on wearing the suit.

Now he's come up with the "Trojan exoskeleton", which looks like a sci-fi convention copy of the battlesuit from Halo. Using his bear suit technology, he's aiming to provide a protective suit for soldiers in hostile environments.

The result is just as entertaining as the bear suit. Watch as the inventor runs around his wintery neighborhood and explains the suit's many features.

I do personally think that there is a place for a powered suit of heavy armor, and this could be a distant start. For now, it's pretty entertaining stuff; it would certainly make a very good Halloween costume.

For now, I suppose we will have to settle for a good bulletproof vest and helmet, but hey, in ten years, maybe we'll all be saving up for a suit of Trojan armor? Or maybe not.

A challenge to my wise readers: if you had $16,000 to devote to putting together a suit of body armor and personal equipment (firearms not included), what would you get?