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Where to begin?

When many people start out with disaster/TEOTWAWKI preps, they often feel overwhelmed. I know of people who look at all the potential problems and the preps they might need and surrender without even trying. Others--many of the American public--abdicate their own responsibility for their well-being and survival and place it on the government. I have written about this attitude previously.

How to avoid being overwhelmed? Start small. Decide what is the most likely threat to your safety/survival, prepare for it, and move on from there. This could simply be getting out from under debts that threaten to move you out of your home, finding a stable job, or moving to a safer neighborhood. Or it could be stockpiling guns and ammo out of fear of zombie hordes.

Make a list, if it helps, of the threats in your life, and go from there.

For many, the easiest place to start is by putting together a bug-out-bag/72 hour kit. With it, you should plan on having the tools, food, and water necessary to survive X amount of time. 3 days is the norm, but there's nothing wrong for preparing for 7 days, 2 weeks, etc. Longer is better, but weight quickly becomes a concern. You want water, food, warmth, shelter, protection, first aid kit, etc. all the basics.

By putting together a solid B.O.B., you give yourself the tools to survive in your home as well as on the road, should you become a refugee. The water filter, fire starting tools, knife, etc. will all work just as well at home as they will bugging out.

Don't fall for the lazy-man's trap of buying pre-made. This is important gear that your life may one day depend on--you don't want a cheap bag full of quasi-useless China made pieces of junk. You want stuff you can depend on, equipment you can trust your life with. Use, test, and become vary familiar with each piece of gear that goes into your kit, from flashlights to filters to first aid kit.

A well-rounded B.O.B. is a big enough task for most, and a very good place to start. You equip yourself with the supplies necessary to survive a short-term disaster, giving you a solid base to build from and supplement to move into surviving long-term disasters. From a few days, you branch out into a few weeks, a few months, and finally, years.