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Interesting "Stealth" Storage

Actually came across an interesting Google Ad today, for a product called PlainSights (although if you see it over in my page's AdSense ads, click that instead). Anyways, it's basically a fake pair of jeans with a hidden pocket for concealing whatever. They're marketing towards firearms, it'll hide whatever in there.
It's an interesting idea. Not entirely brilliant, but interesting. Looks like a plastic hanger is permanently attached to the fake pants, and I assume it seals shut with a velcro/zipper.

Now, if you were halfway crafty, you could easily save yourself $30 and sew together something similar with an old pair of jeans. Or get your grandma to do it. Or, just find an old jacket and stow your weapon inside. I've heard of people doing this before.

It's not particularly secure or safe, and if someone were to sort through your clothes, I imagine the weight/bulk of a gun would be pretty obvious. Despite what some may think, kids do often like to explore closets and mess with their parents clothes…and the fake pants with hidden gun would be quite the find. Also, burglars often search through bedroom closets, looking for hiding spots and safes.
These keep the weapon hidden from sight and somewhat quickly accessible, but not secured. You can find quick access safes for affordable prices, and a small safe at bedside or in the nightstand would be just as fast, or much faster than running to your closet, shuffling through mountains of old clothes and finding the secret jeans. A safe is secure, and a small, handgun sized one should be relatively easy to conceal.

If you did not have kids to worry about, a hiding place like this could be good to stash a firearm in the laundry room…but I'm not sure how many people are worried about finding a hiding place in a laundry room…
What else could you stash in false clothes? Cash and semi-important documents could be an ok idea. They're not exactly safe, but without the weight and bulk of a gun, could go unnoticed if someone was searching through a closet. They would not be secure, but could go beyond the notice of a thief. You could go as far as planting an attractive looking dummy safe to distract his attention. But, there are lots of low-profile ways to store cash/small valuables--book safes, fake peanut butter jars and pop cans, etc.

Not exactly the most brilliant idea, the fake pair of jeans, but not completely without uses...